FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions RankersAdda.in
Question. How do i register in the site?

  1. Go to login page
  2. click on Red colour google button
  3. Enter your valid gmail and password.
  4. Next click allow the site to continue.

Question: Any other registration method ?
Answer: Yes,

  1. Go to login page
  2. Next click on Create new account button in login page
  3. Enter mandatory fields like username, password and email then click create my account button.
  4. Next step you will receive a confirmation mail to your mail which is enter in the above step.
  5. Click the link and activate your account .

Question: Is this site free?

Answer: Yes. Absolutely free We dint charge any thing.

Question: How do i write test? (Login First )


  1. Select your course
  2. Click on exam which you want
  3. Start Test
  4. In popup
  5. Start Attempt
  6. Total Questions list in Navigation menu.
  7. Above the Question Flag Question button for Review later.
  8. Select your Answer
  9. Click Check button if you want to check the answer wether it correct or wrong.
  10. Click Next Page for next question and previous page for previous qustion.
  11. Finish Attempt at last question
  12. Submit All and Finish Attempt.
  13. Click Confirmation Again.
  14. Next you will review the exam with complete analysis.
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